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  • 2018 10-25

    In 2018, zhongshan dalke optics co., ltd. was identified as "recommended enterprise" by guangzhou international lighting exhibition organizing committee and Aladdin mall brand center.

  • 2018 10-25

    In 2017, zhongshan dalke optics co., ltd. was rated as "governing unit" of zhongshan photoelectric industry association and awarded the "most popular product award of 2017 in China LED industry" by China lighting society. Meanwhile, it established a production base in guangxi province and formally put into production.

  • 2018 10-25

    In 2016, zhongshan dalke optics co., LTD was awarded as the first "unit member" of guangdong opto-electronic technology association.

  • 2018 10-25

    In 2015, zhongshan dalke optics co., ltd. realized the expansion of its second production base and relocated to the now cuiheng new area. Meanwhile, zhongshan dalke optics co., ltd. was recognized as a "high-tech enterprise".

  • 2018 10-25

    In 2013, zhongshan dalco optics co., ltd. introduced precision automation equipment, which was put into production on a large scale, and its annual output value increased by 40% over the previous year.

  • 2018 10-25

    In May 2011, the company was officially registered as zhongshan dalke optics co., LTD. The core of the company is the standardization and systematization of optical manufacturing, which is the only way to modernize the manufacturing industry.

  • 2018 10-25

    In 2009, he started to invest in optical manufacturing and research and development.

Darkoo Optics Co., Ltd

It is the earliest enterprise engaged in LED optical design, mold design and high precision optical injection molding in China.

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