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What is the strategic significance of the new VI image?

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DARKOO launches a new VI image and USES a brand new LOGO, which is the first step towards the globalization strategy and a new start. It is both a new start and a historical inheritance.


Before total family DARKOO mainly deep in the Chinese market and the LOGO also presents with Chinese characteristics, in order to meet the international strategy layout, upgrade the LOGO, the original green tone becomes more sense of science and technology, fashion sense and the fan's black color, D, A, R, K word open design, suggests that total families DARKOO "going out" and "more open" strategic mindset. At present, we present our modular products for outdoor and indoor lighting such as DARKOO high waterproof level and anti-glare with a brand new image, which has gained a lot of attention.


High waterproof level lens

So, you might ask, why start a global strategy at this point in time?  

In fact, dahl DARKOO current annual revenue exceeds one hundred million yuan, as domestic optical top three, product applications involving the consumer electronics, automotive, and lighting, also has a certain reputation in the world, has come to the point, need to open the globalization strategy must step this step, in order to quickly respond to the rapid development of industry and market different needs.

After the opening of the globalization strategy, DARKOO's optical products will continue to go to the relevant markets of Europe, North America, South America, southeast Asia and other optical products, so that domestic channels and foreign visibility can feed each other and the "public" of the optical brand has been achieved.  


DARKOO global map planning

In order to better respond to global market changes, we also made some strategic adjustments. One is to streamline products, eliminate low-margin products, and focus on market pain point demand products. In addition, we specially acquired 100 mu of land in guigang, guangxi to build a factory to expand production capacity and cooperate with zhongshan production base to move all the reflective cup products that occupy 30% of darko DARKOO production capacity to guangxi production base. Last year, it has started to be put into production one by one, from mold development to injection molding and electroplating production, advanced equipment, high yield, low production cost, price and quality improvement. In the most important optical index reflectivity, it will be increased by 6% to reach the level of 95% and become more competitive in the market.   

In the future, the continuous upgrading of products and brands will further enhance DARKOO's innovation ability and strive to take advantage of the global market.

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